Schuylkill Banks Information Center

There is no parking available at this trailhead, however, the Schuylkill Banks Center is on the trail under the Walnut Street Bridge. The information kiosk is staffed by volunteers and provides information about events and activities taking place on this busy section of trail, as well as updates on proposed projects to extend the trail south to the Delaware River. You may also book tickets for riverboat and kayak tours originating at the Walnut Street Dock. Schuylkill Banks can be accessed by ramps from Market and Chestnut Streets, stairs at Walnut Street or a pedestrian bridge at Locust & Race Streets that take trail users over an active rail line. This section of trail includes the Schuylkill River boardwalk that extends the trail past Locust St. on a boardwalk built over the water.

Trailhead managed by SRDC