Kernsville Dam

The trailhead for this section of the Schuylkill River Trail, known as the John B. Bartram Section, has a parking lot next to the Desilting Monument. The trail travels upriver for 6 miles, currently ending at the Schuylkill River. There is a 1.24-mile portion of the trail known locally as the Therman Madeira Switchback Trail that extends from the Kernsville Dam Trailhead to the Borough of Hamburg. The Appalachian Trail, a National Scenic Trail running from Maine to Georgia, crosses the Bartram Trail near Port Clinton. The Appalachian Trail continues down the side of the mountain, through Port Clinton and under Route 61 before climbing back onto the mountain ridge.

There is parking for 30 cars in the trailhead parking lot. The Kernsville Dam area is maintained as a wildlife sanctuary by Blue Mountain Wildlife.

Directions: From Route 61N, turn right at JETSON DR.,RIGHT at INDUSTRIAL DR.,LEFT at KERNSVILLE DAM RD. (after crossing single railroad tracks. Look for desilting monument.)