Birdsboro Trailhead is near Birdsboro’s V.F.W, just off Route 724 and next to the Hay Creek. Parking is available for approximately 5 vehicles at this location, and trail users can use spaces in the park across Rt. 724. Restaurants and other facilities are available nearby in Birdsboro. The route between Birdsboro and Gibraltar is currently 3.5 miles on-road and uses Schuylkill Road and Old River Road.

This section of the Schuylkill River Trail is known as the Thun (pronounced Tune) Trail and currently managed by the Schuylkill River Greenway NHA.

Trail Alert:  The Thun Section of the trail in Birdsboro can still be accessed from Armorcast Road, even though the road is currently closed. Trail users should use the sidewalk, which remains open. However, the ball field parking area is not open. Visitors should park across the alley from the VFW between the Hay Creek PA 724 Bridge and the remains of the Schuylkill Canal aqueduct.